Advantages of Steel Floor Deck

Having a house with a steel floor deck has its own advantages. Reporting from Raised Floor, here are some of the advantages if your house uses a steel floor deck.

1. Has High Endurance

Steel floor decks have very high resistance to weather so they are very suitable for use in different climates and weather conditions. In addition, steel with high specifications has been given resistance to corrosion and acids making it difficult to porous.

2. Strong against heavy loads

Steel is a material that can be used for various heavy purposes. The combination of steel and concrete can produce a strong material to withstand even heavy building loads. Its flexibility makes steel one of the favorite materials for making a floor deck.

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3. Easy to Store and Move

The steel used to make a steel floor deck is shaped like sheets making it very easy to store and transport. The size that has been printed in such a way also makes it very easy to carry and install directly according to the size of the deck you are building.

4. Installation Can Be Done Faster

The advantage of steel sheets for making floor decks is that they don’t take a long time to install. The process of installing a steel floor deck can be done by soldering or reinforced by casted concrete. The easy installation process allows anyone to create their own deck easily and quickly.

5. Diverse designs

There are many brands that provide steel sheets with various designs. You can choose it and adjust it to the model and needs of your home. In addition, there are so many sizes of steel sheets that you don’t have to bother to cut them back manually.

One of the advantages of using a steel floor deck is that it can reduce your construction costs. Do you want to have a house with light installments like the advantages of a floor deck?

Disadvantages of Steel Floor Deck

Behind the ease with which it can be installed and used as a floor deck, you also need to know what are the main drawbacks of using steel as the main deck material in your home. Below are some of the drawbacks of a steel floor deck:

1. Requires Large Maintenance Costs

In order to last for a longer time, steel requires a treatment to be more resistant to extreme weather changes and to prevent rust from appearing in a short time.

2. If it is porous, then its resistance can be reduced considerably

Although the resistance of steel is very high, if there is only a little porous, the resistance of the steel will decrease drastically and quickly. Steel that is already porous will be very fragile and can make your construction dangerous.

3. Sheets that are difficult to form

Steel floor deck utilizes steel that has been printed in sheet form. Usually the sheets come in their size and it will be difficult to cut the sheets into the shape you want.

Those are some of the functions and advantages of using a steel floor deck in your home. Besides being able to beautify the appearance of your home, a steel floor deck can also be a good insulator, especially for those of you who live in cold areas.