He has his eye on us. September is the most likely month for hurricanes making landfall.

Ida is gone. Are you prepared for other hurricanes on the horizon? You are familiar with the concerns associated with hurricane-prone areas if you build homes in the east half of the country.

Composite shake and slate roofing shingles are more durable than traditional slate shingles, so you can rest easier at night. Reed roofscapes products are class 4 impact rated. This allows you to build a home or project with greater protection from flying debris and severe weather.

Each Reggie Reed product meets the criteria of high-velocity hurricane winds. Reggie Reed tiles also have the highest straight-line wind test rating at 110 mph in the ASTM D3161 industry test. They also pass the TAS125 certification test for wind resistance in high-velocity hurricane zones up to 180 mph. Each tile is also Class A … Read More

What roof is more expensive to install: a shingle roof, or a metal one? The metal roof is more expensive upfront. Beware of roofers who claim otherwise. Here’s a better question: Which will save more over its lifetime, shingle or metal roofing? For many reasons, a metal roof is more cost-effective than shingle roofs. A metal roof can save you energy, which is especially important for Florida homeowners.

1. Savvy saver

Metal roofing uses less energy than other types of roofing. This means cold cashback for Sunshine State residents. Why? A metal roof will lower your energy costs in Tampa Bay and Sarasota. Even if you don’t have one, you’re still paying for a metallic roof. The electric company will only charge you an additional portion.

2. Cooler

Two Florida homes, one with shingles and one with white-painted metal panels, are compared under the Florida sun. The shingle roof’s attic … Read More