Whether your house’s interior looks like a king’s chamber or a billionaire’s mansion, the exterior appearance will give it the first sell. This is why you have to stay keen when selecting the exterior color of your building. Don’t worry, though; for First Class Painting & More, you can find an expert to help you achieve your colorful desires for your exterior.

Look For Acrylic Latex

According to experts, 100% acrylic latex paint is the best for exterior surfaces. Properties of latex include:

  • Pigments that give color
  • Binders that help hold the pigment in place
  • Solvents that allow the paint to spread easily
  • Water-based

Determine the Percentage of Volume Solids

After the exterior paint is applied, the solvent evaporates as the paint dries, leaving just the pigments and binders. These are referred to as volume solids. Higher quality paints have a higher volume solids content. They may also have superior binders, which will keep the pigments in place for a more extended period. This increases the durability.

Check the manufacturer’s website or contact your local distributor for a Technical Data Sheet to find the amount of volume solids in a brand of paint. Paints branded “premium” or “super-premium” will likely contain more volume solids than inexpensive ones.

Pick Colors With Curb Appeal

Consider your home’s style characteristics when selecting a color – pick one that compliments your roofing material and any brick or stone embellishments. Suppose you’re having difficulty choosing between two colors, paint sample swaths on an external … Read More