home ceilings

Flat and matte paint hides imperfections on the ceiling more than satin or glossy finishes that spotlight every flaw on the floor. If you are reluctant to take on the possibly awkward job of painting your ceiling, you are not alone. But there are methods to paint over your head which are much less strenuous, help you remove most drips, and allows you to choose whether you’re overlaying the whole ceiling.


In the Thorsen House by Greene & Greene, the parlor frieze features hand-painting across the wood strapping that wraps to the ceiling, which is lined with canvas. Once the metallic panels were cleaned of over a hundred years of paint, it was straightforward to see their unique decorative designs. For this process, the large wooden boxes of panels were placed into commercial-sized freezers for a size of time.

But then luxury materials like marble take certain surfaces to … Read More

home ceilings

Repeat the spray therapy every day until the spots lighten. If you like, purchase a popcorn ceiling cleansing solution and follow the producer’s instructions. In the summer season, attic temperatures can attain as much as 150 levels Fahrenheit, heating up the entire house.

home ceilings

In phrases of the plywood, we have the exact same setup in our house…insulation between ceiling drywall and OSB. What I worry about with kraft paper confronted insulation is if I spill something on the ground, then that liquid seeps between the ground boards onto the kraft paper.

Tray Ceiling

When the weather turns cool at evening, open the home windows and activate the fan. The shutter opens, and the fan draws within the cool air through the open home windows. All the hot air gathered on the prime of the ceiling and within the attic expels through attic vents. You control which room or rooms are … Read More

In around 85% of the United States, water softeners are essential household items. It is crucial to understand how to size a water softener to ensure you get one that fits your needs. This guide is intended to assist you in making an informed decision on the best water softener for you home.

How to Size a Water Softener

Many people forget to consider the size of their water softener tank. Consumers often look for the lowest-priced unit. This is often the unit with the smallest size. This is not a wise decision.

Before we get into the details, here’s a warning. This guide includes technical information. You can access the section “What Size Softener for a Family of 4?” to get an estimate.

What Size Water Softener should I get? Consider these Things

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