Get to know the function of the steel floor deck

Each house is built with its own specifications and needs. Get to know the functions and advantages of a steel floor deck in this article! There are several buildings that require a floor deck to be a load support and counterweight.

Floor deck is one part of a house. Each house is built differently and has different parts and functions. No house is made the same and in terms of specifications all houses are very different from one another and make them very unique. Having a house that is unique and different is certainly the dream of everyone and anyone can make it happen.

One way to make your house look attractive and different is to add a floor deck to your house. So that you can understand more about floor decks and what their functions are, this article will discuss:

1. What is meant by steel floor deck

Building a house has its own fun because you can adjust the house design to your liking. Building a house following your own design can create a good home atmosphere and make you comfortable to live in your own home. One interesting design is to build a Steel floor deck in your own house.

What is meant by a steel floor deck? Reporting from Wikipedia, the floor deck is a part of the building that is made hanging out and able to support the load from the house according to the amount that has been previously calculated. The floor deck itself can be made of various materials, one of which is steel or also known as steel.

Before steel floor decks became popular, many first built them using wood as the main material. Floor decks made of wood are quite easy to make and don’t cost a lot of money, but the durability of wood is not long and can rot if you live in an area that has high humidity.

Moving into a New Home

Because the use of too much wood is not good for nature, finally the use of floor decks made of wood has become increasingly habitable and many have switched to using steel which is durable and has much better construction strength.

Floor decks are used to create a flat and balanced surface so that the house can be built evenly on sloping and uneven areas. Using a deck also creates good insulation in the house so that the floor can stay warm even though you live in a cold area.

Not only that, deck flooring can also be used and built in a higher place, for example, in a multi-storey house or for those of you who want to create a green space that is separate from the main building in your house.

2. Characteristics of Steel Floor Deck

In the world of building construction, you must know the characteristics of each different material in order to get maximum results in its construction. Unlike decks made of wood, steel floor decks also have their own character and you need to know so that there are no mistakes when you are using them for your building. Reporting from BDC Network, here are some of the characteristics of a steel floor deck:

Steel sheets for making floor decks are heavy and make you have to be more careful when storing them so they don’t fall and cause injury to others. The sheet is also relatively thicker and makes it one of the strongest materials that can be used to make a floor deck.

Protect unused steel by using a tarp or plastic so that it does not rust while you are storing it.

The next characteristic of the steel floor deck is its ability to withstand being built on various ground surfaces which have different properties. Steel is very strong and withstands high levels of acidity so it will be safe and can last a long time.

Unlike wood, steel is not a good sound insulator. If the surface of your steel floor deck is not coated with something, it can cause noise if it is hit by rain or hit by other objects. Store steel sheets in the shade because direct heat can make the surface very hot and dangerous to touch.