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Now that the couple is doing that not just for their purchasers, but in addition in front of a television audience on Dream Home Makeover, Shea has one other aspiration. “I need to present a bright spot in people’s days,” she shared in an interview with The New York Times. “There’s a lot happening proper now and I hope that people can discover a source of happiness.” Chances are she’s doing that for extra folks than she realizes. Dream Home Makeover may be an excellent fun show to binge, as Shea McGee really transforms room after room with gusto and skill. But one thing Shea wants you to know is that she’s engaged on real homes for real folks. “It’s not only for leisure,” she revealed in a chat with The Salt Lake Tribune.

Az Homestead Project: Exterior Entry & Dining Room

home makeover

While Syd and Shea McGee are certainly sitting pretty now, with a booming business, a profitable brand, and reality TV stardom, that wasn’t all the time the case. In reality, there was a time early in Shea’s design business that they were significantly struggling to get by, as Syd’s company had just lately been acquired and shortly he wasn’t working.

A Widow Featured On “Excessive House Makeover” Loses Her Home

“We run a design firm that designs homes everywhere in the country. And so lots of the residence reveals that we watch, the houses are just for tv.” And that’s positively not the case for the McGees. Viewers of Dream Home Makeover know that Shea and Syd McGee name Utah home, which is where they work on lots of the houses you see on the show. And while that they had connections to the area (Shea went to school there, and that is where her parents retired to), that’s not the place they had been primarily based after they started their business. “We were dwelling in Southern California, and everybody knows that it’s a little bit more of an expensive place to live,” she revealed in a chat with The Salt Lake Tribune.

“We canceled cable. We canceled health club memberships. We stopped going out to eat,” Syd wrote of their book Make Life Beautiful. “We reduce out everything that wasn’t mortgage or food.” And even then, they still had a tough time making ends meet at the grocery store. It’s not just the escapism that Syd and Shea want you to enjoy, as they also want you to unlock your internal designer, as noted by Us Weekly. That method, you’ll naturally be extra happy in your individual environment, particularly when you’re spending extra time at home than you used to. When Syd and Shea McGee started their design enterprise, their aim was to remodel individuals’s properties into what they’ve all the time wanted.

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Her appreciation of natural light, colors and contrast, and excessive-high quality materials has helped her rework even the smallest and darkest of spaces. The financial stress that Dream Home Makeover stars Syd and Shea McGee handled whereas Shea was engaged on her burgeoning design business was, understandably, a lot in and of itself. But there was additionally fallout from each that and Shea’s packed schedule, as she had more purchasers than she knew what to do with. “I was pissed off after I drove by moms on the park in the midst of the day while I toted my child to an upholstery store,” she wrote of their memoir Make Life Beautiful. “There was guilt once I checked emails whereas feeding her cereal puffs and disappointment once I sat in her room and rocked her.” The struggle wasreal.