How to Have a Home Basement

Maybe most people are not familiar with the existence of a basement in one dwelling. But did you know that having a basement can provide many benefits other than just style? And this article will discuss 5 benefits of having a basement at home specifically for you:

home basement

What is Basement

Before discussing the use of a basement or cellar at home, you need to know in advance what is called a basement. Basement or basement is a room that is underground. Usually this room is used as a parking space, warehouse or hiding place.

Does Basement Include Floor 1?

The basement is different from the 1st floor. This is because the basement is underground and is an additional building or structure that is deliberately made to increase space. So it is certain that the basement does not include the 1st floor.

The Benefits of Having a Home Basement

By having a basement, you can have additional space to store items such as hobby items such as bicycles, fishing equipment and others. That way, the upper room of your house won’t be cluttered with lots of stuff.

As an Additional Bedroom

If most people add bedrooms in the attic, then the basement or basement of the house can be used as an additional bedroom. Besides being able to be used for family members, the basement bedroom can also be used as a guest bedroom.

Adding Home Value

By having a basement, you can increase the overall value of your home by up to 75% if you want to resell it. Even if you don’t want to resell the house, your prestige will increase because houses with basements are still rare in Indonesia.

As Garage

The basement of the house can also be dedicated as an area for the garage. With the garage located under the house, it will be difficult for smoke from vehicles to reach the top of the house so that the air quality in the house is better.

As the Center for Electricity, Water, and Other Areas

With the basement of the house, you can design a central area for electricity and water in this room. That way, if anything happens to the power or water, you can head down to the basement to fix it right away.