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Maintaining a lighthouse, whether it’s a historic lighthouse or not, connects you to a protracted tradition of lighthouse keepers who sacrificed their social lives to maintain mariners safe. Casey Jordan owns a lighthouse off the coast of Maine. To get there, she takes an hour-long ferry journey to a small island, where she boards her boat and motors ten minutes to the lighthouse. Suffice it to say that she doesn’t get many drop-in friends.

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house for sale usa

Let’s be honest right here – these are much less like strings and more like a heavy anchor chain. Historical restoration is an costly, time-consuming, and regularly irritating process. You might have heard that the government typically offers away lighthouses free of charge. You can also have heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” There’s no such factor as a free lighthouse both. By edict of Congress, Boston Light should be staffed in perpetuity. Kevin Cabral / Flickr Of course, it couldn’t damage to have somebody on-website, in case of a freak power outage or surprising malfunction. But that requires two full-time folks per lighthouse.

The lighthouse will shine, nevertheless it serves no navigational purpose – it’s purely ornamental. The U.S. Coast Guard honored lighthouse keepers of the past by naming a sequence of ships after them. The USS Ida Lewis honors the Newport, Rhode Island lighthouse keeper who would row out from the lighthouse to help drowning mariners. Obviously, the fee, exhausting work, and isolation doesn’t scare everybody off.

Even should you purchase a lighthouse with out the historic restoration requirement, you’ll still have to put cash into it. These are old buildings, they’ll need repairs. And it could have dawned on you – they’re invariably situated close to water.

You’ll should deal with flooding, salt water injury, erosion, and wet toes. Those reward lighthouses include strings attached. The recipient of the lighthouse should agree to revive it to its original state.