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Q: Should You Remove The Old Attic Insulation Before Adding New Insulation?

Signing off on a house installation normally activates some contractual small print and releases the set-up company from liability if issues go mistaken. For a number of days or weeks your own home web site has looked like a chaotic constructing site, now everything comes together and your house is almost ready for you. There’s just one final stage of the process to make sure that your home meets the various technical and regulatory features of an installation. Remove packing supplies that protected the home during delivery. Inspect the home and all offered materials, appliances and equipment instantly upon supply. If there was any harm during transportation, it’s often as much as the transporter to fix it before set up. From the moment your house is placed on its foundation, you’re taking a look at round a week or two before move in if your web site work is minimal, or round six weeks should you’re developing uncooked land.

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That means financial savings you achieve from doing it yourself may value you in power savings. Because they really block air circulate much more than other varieties, nonetheless, the R-worth is only a part of the explanation to think about foam insulation. Another disadvantage is that during installation foam insulation outgases poisonous chemicals. Spray foam insulation is an efficient insulator with an R-worth that ranges from about three.2 to 7 per inch. It begins as a liquid that’s sprayed or poured right into a wall cavity and then expands to fill each nook and cranny. Some foams may be blown solely into new partitions; others are appropriate for retrofitting.

The commonest sort of insulation, fiberglass is made with glass fibers that may break off and be inhaled, causing lung damage, particularly to skilled installers. Most of it incorporates phenol-formaldehyde, a substance the Environmental Protection Agency has pegged as a probable human carcinogen. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed ways to get rid of formaldehyde-used as a binder-and to create fiberglass insulation from 30 to forty percent post-shopper recycled-glass content. Foam board insulation is inflexible and light-weight, making it easy to hold and set up on floors, partitions, ceilings, and round windows. Use a warm utility knife to slice through this foam board from Owens Corning with a excessive diploma of precision.

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However, most site preparation work requires knowledgeable and must be built into the quote from your installer or GC. Take care when doing any preparation work your self, as mistakes could do injury to your home that’s not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Write down the steps for set up with a timeline for finishing essential tasks. This ensures that the work is done in a well timed and proper style. If insulation isn’t put in properly, most producers won’t guarantee the promised R-value.

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While your GC is getting on with putting in utilities and septic systems, the set up crew will arrange the house itself. This entails compliance with over 100 HUD code requirements and probably tons of extra set by the manufacturer. You may be capable of do some of the site-preparation work yourself to reduce costs, for example, eradicating shrubs and bushes.