Organizing a Comfortable Living Room

One of the private spaces of the home owner is of course the family room, a special zone for gathering together. You can try watching movies together, watching sports matches, and playing games together. Or many also use the living room area to eat or eat snacks while watching TV. Even though the living room or family room is small, it can also be integrated with the kitchen and dining room, but it must be designed nicely.

Sort out the Family Room Concept

The method of arranging a family room that integrates with the dining room or designing a living room and family room without partitions is the same. You have to determine the concept first, whether you want the style on the floor or using chairs and seats.

Thinking of Storing a Couch

When designing a living room with a simple arrangement, try to think about saving chairs. If the method of arranging an elongated living room, you can save chairs with more seats.

Storing carpets or mats

The easiest way to organize a sitting-down television room is, of course, storing carpets or mats, there are many choices for this product. If you look at the photos of a simple living room, mats and carpets can be an option for the sitting room on the floor.

Placing a Thin Mattress

If the family room and living room are one, of course the design of a small living room by storing a mattress is not an option. However, if the TV room is small, you can still store a thin mattress for sitting on the floor, suitable for those who are lying down.

Storing Bean Bags

The solution to how to organize a small living room or how to organize a living room and kitchen is storing bean bags. A bean bag can be a seat, especially if the room is small and only close friends come.

Place the Sofa Pillows

When designing a living room and family room without a partition, you can make it beautiful by storing chair cushions. This can be tried when applying the method of arranging a minimalist living room, chair cushions can be decoration.

Storing Tv in the Booth of the Room

The way to arrange a living room that blends with the family room is to use vertical space, aka booths. You can keep the TV in the corner of the room, just like when doing the method of arranging family pictures in the living room.

Has a Coffee Table

How to organize a minimalist family room or how to organize a living room and family room, of course, has a coffee table. The coffee table can be used to store food, drinks, TV remote controls, smartphones, and more.

Enhance Makeup Such as Family Images and More

In setting up a family room, don’t forget to include family room decorations so that it looks attractive. You can put up family pictures, paintings, ethnic fabrics, toy collections, or whatever the family likes.

Controlling Lighting

When designing a family room layout or applying a method for arranging a room, don’t forget about lighting. You can keep ordinary lamps on the ceiling, standing lamps, or sitting lamps, in fact you have many options.