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To prevent heat loss by way of the ceiling, build a sealed enclosure over the speaker from drywall scraps or foam insulation, taped together with foil duct tape. Wall-mounted audio system will sound higher if you plug the stud area above and under the speaker with fiberglass batts. You simply take away a piece of the plastic sheathing, untwist the pairs of wires, and use a punch-down tool to push them onto particular “punch-down” blocks.

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The wiring order is indicated by small icons with colour codes written on them. Line up each wire with its matching icon before punching it down. Use the identical punch-down method to make connections at the distribution hub and at the Cat-5e modular jack .

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of insulation from each speaker wire, twist the strands collectively and push each wire into the speaker hook-ups . Plug the block into the keypad and mount the keypad in the wall box. Photos 3 and four present how to attain interior walls from the basement or attic. Use a coat hanger or other stiff wire as a reference point to find your drilling spot.

You need to watch out to not nick the tiny wires if you’re removing the sheathing, though. Photo 7 shows the way to punch the wires down onto the keypad connectors.