Tips for Organizing a Narrow House to Be Neat

Organizing a narrow house is often a difficult thing because of its difficult size to manage. However, you can still organize your house. A narrow house can be arranged neatly as long as we are smart to divide the functions of each room correctly. The choice of color and arrangement of the location of the furniture is also quite influential in arranging a narrow house. Here are some tips for arranging your narrow house to make it feel more spacious and neat:

Narrow House

Choose a Bright Wall Paint Color

Choosing light colors is very important for a small house. However, it should be noted that you should avoid using too many of the same colors for wall paint, tiles, or furniture. The choice of this same color can make the room feel narrower because everything looks one tone from a visual perspective.

Minimizing Blocks

If you have a narrow house, you should minimize the use of bulkheads at home. Although dividing the room can make the function of the space clearer, it will make the room narrower. When arranging a narrow house, you should eliminate the space you allocate for the bulkhead so that the house looks more spacious. You can replace this insulation by using a different floor color or wall paint, or by using a different carpet.

Avoid Using Many Items

If you have a small house, avoid using too many things. Filling the house with lots of stuff can certainly make the room feel narrower and seem untidy. Take advantage of the space on the wall to store some items or decorations so that the room feels relieved. In arranging a narrow house to make it feel wider, it can be circumvented by choosing functional furniture to replace several items into one. In addition, avoid choosing large furniture to save space.

Arrange Furniture Properly

After choosing the most important and mandatory furniture in the house, next is the correct arrangement. Put the furniture in your home in the right position so that the room can look neater and more spacious. For example, by placing the sofa close to the wall so as not to waste space in vain. Placing furniture on the edge of the room can also make the room feel neater.

Create a Multi function Room

One way to organize a narrow house to make it feel wider is to create a multi function room. With a room that has several functions, it can make the house more spacious and save space. You can combine the kitchen and dining room or the family room with the living room into one room. The existence of this multi function room can also minimize the bulkhead, and can make the use of furniture more optimal.

Proper Air Circulation

In making a room, air circulation is something that you must present. Air circulation can remove moisture in a room which can make the house feel more spacious and not stuffy. You can choose a window frame that can be opened and closed. Open the windows every morning to allow sunlight and air into the house. Besides being able to make the house not stuffy, this air circulation can also make the air healthier.