What Happens to Your House When a Roof Leak Causes Mold?

Our battle against humidity in the Sunshine State is not a passing fad. It’s part of our daily life. You will have to battle the humidity, the sweat, the rain, and the foggy windows every day.

Unfortunately, so does your house.

Leaky roofing can cause severe damage in Florida. This is one of the rainiest states in the nation so a small leak can lead to torrents of water–coupled with extreme heat and damp conditions, and you’ve got a mold-in-your-attic problem. Bad one.

Types and Growth of Mold

If you allow that leak to go unchecked you will see either limited or systemic growth.

  • Systemic growth is when a roof leak causes the mixture to rise in large areas, encouraging mold growth in an uncontrolled, wide-ranging manner.
  • Limited Growthoccurs if there is a leak, but proper ventilation prevents moisture from taking over.

How to Mediate Mold Growth after a Leak

Step 1

Repair the leak. This is the most important step. Anything else would be a temporary solution. Even if you have to replace your entire roof due to rot, it is worth fixing the problem.

Step 2

Use a fungicide approved to kill the mold. Do not show mercy.

Step 3

Large fans, natural air flow, or mechanical heating can dry the attic.

Step 4

To eliminate all mold growth, treat any problem areas with an encapsulant.

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